Your Community Foundation History

In 1943, Walter Scott Montgomery conceived the idea of a foundation for the benefit of the people of Spartanburg County.  Mr. Montgomery asked Benjamin O. Johnson to study existing foundations throughout the nation; Mr. Johnson recommended a community foundation as the best vehicle for the County.  It was concluded that it should be a general purpose foundation, operated and managed under the direction of a self-perpetuating board.

On November 27, 1943, seven leading citizens were invited to a meeting to discuss the Trust Indenture providing for the creation and management of The Spartanburg County Foundation.  Mr. Montgomery made the founding contribution of $10,000 and urged the seven who had joined him that day to serve as the initial members of the Board of Trustees.

The Spartanburg County Foundation has helped turn charitable dreams into reality.  By partnering with The Foundation, you enlist the services of a team of committed trustees and professional staff members, each with an extensive understanding of the needs and opportunities in our community.  This knowledge, in concert with our sound financial guidance, allows your gift to make a maximum impact on the quality of life in Spartanburg County.

From education, arts, health and human services, to historic preservation and youth activities, the Foundation will work with you every step of the way to tailor a charitable giving program that fits your personal goals and financial situation.

Whether you wish to give a one-time gift or establish a lasting legacy, we can serve as your center for philanthropic resources, helping you to make the most of the power of your generosity.

We look forward to working with you!