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Legal Compliance Update from the SC Secretary of State’s Office

Grasping legal compliance and staying current on the legal requirements of a nonprofit organization can be complicated and somewhat daunting, but it is essential that nonprofit leaders are up-to-date on legal and regulatory issues facing our sector. South Carolina Secretary of State, Mark Hammond, and his legal counsel, Shannon Wiley, presented a legal compliance update at the Nonprofit Connect Session Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Below are links to the presentation as well as handouts further explaining nonprofit raffles.

Legal Compliance for Nonprofits and the Role of the Secretary of State

Nonprofit Raffles Handout – Post Legalization

Exempt vs. Nonexempt Raffles

FLSA Law Change

The Fair Labor Standards Act overtime law change will affect many nonprofits and faith communities…but how do we prepare?

The Joint Funders and Chapman Cultural Center held a convening on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, to discuss the basics of the FLSA law change, how to be compliant from a legal and human resources perspective, and to provide examples of peer plans for the changes that will take affect December 1. Below are additional resources from the panelists to assist your organization with the transition.
• Department of Labor Overtime Guidance for Nonprofits
• Tips for Addressing the DOL’s New Overtime Expansion
• FLSA White Collar Exemption Flow Chart

Department of Labor Overtime Guidance for Nonprofits

Tips for Addressing the DOL’s New Overtime Expansion

FLSA White Collar Exemption Flow Chart

Board Engagement in Fundraising (Support Spartanburg County session)

Board members play a key role in moving a nonprofit forward.  Many boards have great intentions, but how do you move your board from approving a new fundraising strategy to engaging them in action that achieves maximum success?

Words to Action – Board Engagement in Fundraising was presented at the Nonprofit Connect Session held Tuesday, February 2, 2016, by Colleen Bozard, President, ccbozard consulting. Below are the presentation and several handouts that provide creative ways in which to actively engage your board in fundraising activities that achieve maximum results for your organization.

Board Engagement in Fundraising

Board Engagement Assessment and Checklist

The Ask in Six Steps



Today, more than 150,000 nonprofits and libraries in the United States have registered with TechSoup. A lot of nonprofits and libraries haven’t heard about TechSoup, and don’t realize that they can get donated hardware and software from TechSoup – not to mention free webinars, educational articles, and expert-led community forums.  Click here learn more about TechSoup.

Listed below are links to local, regional and national organizations to assist local non-profits in finding funding resources and training opportunities:

The Council on Foundations

The Foundation Center


Sisters of Charity Foundation

South Carolina Foundation Listing

South Carolina Grantmakers Network

The Southeastern Council on Foundations

The Council on Foundations

Together SC

Local Resources

Chapman Cultural Center

Mary Black Foundation

South Carolina Christian Community Foundation

Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Spartanburg Community Indicators Project

Spartanburg County Public Libraries – Foundation Center Cooperating Collection Network

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Foundation Community Guide

United Way of the Piedmont