Women Giving – Guidelines for Grants

We appreciate your interest in Women Giving for Spartanburg’s grant process. Women Giving for Spartanburg is a women’s giving circle founded in 2007 as a special project of The

2008 Grantee, Spartanburg Terrace Tenants Association

Spartanburg County Foundation. Our mission is to maximize women’s leadership in philanthropy by engaging and informing our membership, increasing charitable contributions, and significantly improving the greater Spartanburg community through the impact of collective giving.

Women Giving for Spartanburg considers only those organizations and institutions that are recognized as 501(c)(3) non-profit and/or tax exempt entities. Organizations must not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief.

Women Giving for Spartanburg will consider grant proposals for projects that meet all the following criteria:
• Address a goal area of the Community Indicators Project (www.strategicspartanburg.org) with new, creative approaches (Civic Health, Economy, Education, Natural Environment, Public Health, Social Environment)
• Result in measurable impact on the community

• Have support from all participating organizations’ Boards of Directors
• Request a minimum of $25,000
• Will use the Grant and complete the project within twelve months of the award

Women Giving for Spartanburg will give priority consideration to proposals that:
• Collaborate with other community organizations

• Leverage funding sources
• Effect or resulting effect on large target populations
• Utilize volunteer participation

Grant proceeds may not be used for the following purposes:
• Projects not predominantly serving Spartanburg County residents
• Vehicles
• Endowment campaigns
• Projects that are sectarian in nature
• Religious instruction, proselytizing, or preaching
• Sponsorships
• Lobbying
• General operating expenses of the applicant organization including salaries for existing positions
• Consecutive year requests from Grantees for the same purpose for which a Women Giving for Spartanburg grant was awarded previously

Women Giving for Spartanburg requires each Grantee to provide a six-month and a year-end report of measurable outcomes and how the grant funds were used. Women Giving for

2008 Grantee – Christmas in Action Spartanburg

Spartanburg may actively monitor progress throughout the funded term of the project.

Women Giving for Spartanburg expects to receive more strong proposals from organizations than it can fund.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Anna Blanton
Chair, Grants Committee