Grant FAQ’s

2015 Grantee – Middle Tyger Community Center


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive a grant?
The Spartanburg County Foundation provides grants for a wide variety of projects and is governed by the following criteria: Organizations and institutions receiving grant awards must be recognized as nonprofit and/or tax exempt entities providing services to the residents of Spartanburg County, SC · The Trustees of the Spartanburg County Foundation may determine certain institutions and organizations located outside Spartanburg County are eligible for funding pursuant to conditions set forward in a Court Order dated September 11, 1987.

What types of projects are supported?
The Spartanburg County Foundation gives Priority Consideration to:
• Projects that clearly provide innovative responses to the goals identified by the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project; but do not unnecessarily duplicate other efforts.
• Projects that are collaborative in nature, involving two or more organizations.
• Projects that enhance the internal stability and growth of a receiving organization.
• Projects likely to attract support from matching fund arrangements.
• Projects with a plan for continued funding from other sources.

The Spartanburg County Foundation Trustees are Inclined to Favorably Consider:
• Projects that affect broad segments of the community.
• Projects that demonstrate good planning in light of overall community needs.
• Projects for which partial funding is required rather than total funding by the Foundation.
• Projects with appropriate measurement and evaluation tools in place.
• Projects that promote volunteer participation.

What size grant may I request?
While the Foundation has no limit on the amount that can be requested, grants usually range in size from $5,000 up to $15,000; larger grants may be considered at the discretion of the Trustees.

What types of projects are not supported?
The Spartanburg County Foundation does not Generally Provide Funding for:
• Annual fund campaigns.
• Annual operating support, other than for start-up purposes.
• Recurring requests from a grantee for the same purpose for which a Foundation grant has been previously awarded.
• Endowments.
• Film projects.
• Publication of books or reports.
• Fundraising events, celebrations, or dinners.
• Individual schools unless the proposed project is district- or county-wide and is supported by the District Superintendent(s). Requests from public school systems must come from the superintendent’s office.
The Spartanburg County Foundation does not Provide Funding for:
• Lobbying activities, political organizations, or candidates for public offices.
• Individual projects.
• Religious organizations for sectarian purposes.
• Research that is of a non-community nature or that does not have promise of near term benefits to the citizens of Spartanburg County.
• Debt reductions, deficits, or previous obligations.
• Retroactive expenses/activities.

Except in unusual circumstances, multi-year grants are not considered. The Foundation will not normally make more than one grant within a 12-month period to the same organization. Organizations that receive a grant through one of the Foundation’s Responsive Grantmaking Cycles are not eligible to apply for a grant in any other Responsive Grantmaking Cycle within 12 months.

Does The Foundation make site visits?
The Foundation will initiate site visits if necessary.