Nonprofit Connect Schedule


Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Topic: Cyber Security – Identifying the Red Flags to Protect Your Organization
Speaker: Tony Roessler, Sales Account Executive, Integral Solutions Group
Session Description: Cyber security sounds like a daunting task. How do you keep your organization safe from cyberattacks in a technology-based world? There are several steps you and your staff can take to strengthen your organization’s online security measures. Learn the terminology and simple tips to prevent hackers from gaining valuable information from your organization’s database.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Topic: Partner in Leadership: Strengthening the Role of Board Chair
Speaker: Colleen Bozard, President and Owner, ccbozard consulting
Session Description: Your Board Chair, as the chief volunteer officer, is responsible for leading the Board of Directors to help you meet the mission of your organization. When successful, this board leader must not only be fully engaged themselves, but assure full engagement of every individual member. Learn how to develop a strong CEO/Chair partnership that will set the stage for a successful Board Chair tenure.

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Topic: Numbers that Make an Impact – Designing Your Data Collection Process
Speaker: Ame Sanders, Founder and President, State of Inclusion, Inc.
Session Description: You collect data from your programs, but what do the numbers really mean? Are you collecting the right data? Learn how to gather data that will assist you in advancing your mission and furthering your work in the community.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 (Special Extended Session; 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm)
Topic: Engaging the Millennial Generation
Panelists: Stinson Woodward Ferguson, Esq., J. W. Woodward Funeral Home; Kelly Harvey, NBSC; Geordy Johnson, Johnson Development Associates, Inc.; Charles Refshauge, A-Line Interactive
Session Description: You want to connect with millennials, but how do you appeal to them? To successfully engage millennials as donors, volunteers, and board members, nonprofits must be equipped with strategies that speak to this tech-savvy generation. Join our panelists for a discussion on how to mitigate barriers between nonprofits and millennials, build positive and impactful relationships, and tap into the potential of our future leaders.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Topic: How to Lead an Effective Focus Group
Speaker: Linda Salane, CEO, WNN Consulting and Executive Coaching
Session Description: Focus groups are a powerful way to gain perspective and feedback from constituents, but how do you actually use this method to guide your work? Who should be invited to participate? What questions do you ask? How do you handle the one person that’s monopolizing the discussion? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we walk through the key points of conducting an effective focus group.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Topic: Nurturing Loyal Donors – Keeping Them Engaged and Invested
Speaker: Coby Hennecy, Executive Director, ETV Endowment
Session Description: You’ve got a core group of donors that are passionate about your cause, but how do you keep them engaged and invested without making it all about the “ask”? Learn how to nurture donor relationships, track their interests, and keep them passionate about your organization.

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Topic: A Road Map for Growth: When is it Time to Take the Next Step?
Speaker: Dr. John Stockwell, Executive Director, Spartanburg Academic Movement
Session Description: You see organizational growth on the horizon, but how do you get there? What questions or considerations need to be addressed to determine if you’re ready to expand a specific program or your organization as a whole? Learn what steps to take in creating a road map for successful growth and development that will take you from ideas to action.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (Special Extended Session; 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm)
Topic: Unlocking the Power of Cross Sector Partnerships: Reflections of “Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light”
Panelists: Jennifer Evins, Chapman Cultural Center; Leroy Jeter, Highland Neighborhood Association, Grassroots Leadership Alumni; Chief Alonzo Thompson, City of Spartanburg Police Department; Linda Hannon, Duke Energy
Session Description: What does the collaboration of public, private, and nonprofit sectors look like? How do you determine what entities are best fit for partnership? Join our panelists as they reflect on one year of partnership and community impact through Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 (Special Extended Session; 8:30 am – 10:00 am)
Topic: Thankful for You: Nonprofit Appreciation Breakfast and Resource Fair
Session Description: The work of a community foundation would be futile without strong nonprofit organizations working each day to meet the direct needs of those in our community. We want to thank you for your good work as well as create a venue for you to share and network with your peers. Come set up a display, enjoy a time of fellowship over breakfast, and learn about the programs and services your peers offer. Up to three representatives from your organization are invited to attend!

For more information about Nonprofit Connect or to register for an upcoming session, please contact  Ashley Whitt