Advisor Resources

Below, you will find resources we’ve made available for you to use in helping donors craft their charitable giving plans.  Please contact Troy Hanna at (864)582.0138 for more information. 

“Tools for Giving Handbooks”

Types of Funds:

Designated Fund
Donor Advised Fund

Field of Interest Fund

Scholarship Fund
Supporting Organization

Ways to Give:

Bequest By Will 
Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable IRA

Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust
Gift of Life Insurance

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of Stock

Roth IRA Conversion

Sample Fund Agreements:

Designated Fund Agreement Template
Donor Advised Fund Agreement Template

Field of Interest Agreement

Scholarship Fund Agreement Template

Supporting Organization Agreement Template 

Sample Stock Transfer Authorization Agreement:

Sample Stock Authorization Letter

 Below are links to other pages on the Foundation website that you might find useful:

Fiscal Performance

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Types of Funds