Types of Funds

We offer a variety of funds to meet your many charitable interests.

Establishing a Fund
It’s quick and easy to establish your own named charitable fund. Our staff will work with you, and your financial advisor if you choose, every step of the way:

  1. Determine your charitable purpose or intent.
  2. Choose the type of fund that best supports your goals.
  3. Complete a simple governing document.
  4. Name your fund.
  5. Designate current and successor fund advisors.
  6. Make an establishing gift.
  7. Receive a tax deduction when the fund is established and when additional contributions are made.

Agency Endowment Fund
Agency Endowment Funds help your nonprofit organization meet both current and future needs. The Foundation handles all investment and administrative responsibilities, leaving your organization free to pursue its charitable mission.

Donor Advised Fund
By opening a Donor Advised Fund, you retain ongoing involvement in the use of your gift. With a Donor Advised Fund, you work with our professional staff, identifying ways to use dollars from your fund to address the issues you care about most.

Field of Interest Fund
Through a Field of Interest fund, you can target gifts to the cause most important to you: arts, health services, education, neighborhood revitalization, youth welfare and more. The Spartanburg County Foundation awards grants to community organizations and programs addressing your special interest area. 

Scholarship Fund
By opening a Scholarship Fund, you can invest your gift in the community’s future, all with the guidance and personal services of your community foundation. You determine the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship you establish. With your assistance, students can achieve their academic and career goals. 

Supporting Organization
A Supporting Organization provides an excellent alternative to a private foundation with only a fraction of the administrative responsibilities. You stay involved, selecting board members and funneling your dollars to support your favorite causes, while enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a public charity.

To learn more about how to establish a fund with The Spartanburg County Foundation, please contact Troy Hanna, president & CEO, at 864.582-0138.