Women Giving for Spartanburg – 2015 Grants


Organization: New Day Clubhouse
Project: Ed-YOU-cation INITiative
Award Amount: $16,000
Project Summary:
New Day Clubhouse seeks to introduce Ed-YOU-cation INITiative, helping adults with mental illness achieve meaningful academic success and skills mastery vital to achieving employment in Spartanburg. In order to create this new program, requested funding will be used to hire a non-exempt contract teacher for one year, provide supporting infrastructure with furniture, work stations, and purchase needed educational materials. By Fall 2016, after a one-year implementation, fifteen individuals will increase their reading, math, and writing skills by two grade levels.


Indicator Area: Education
Organization: Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate
Project: Great Futures Start Here
Award Amount: $30,000
Project Summary:
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate facilitates an outcome driven youth development program serving over 800 at-risk youth and their families on a daily basis throughout Spartanburg County. Requested funding would be used to expand Great Futures Start Here, increasing the fitness, field trips, and family literacy portions of the current program. These activities are what positively influence high daily attendance and family involvement in programs which are proven to increase academic success, healthy lifestyles, good character and citizenship for children served.
Organization: Spartanburg County Historical Association
Project: Seay House Community Outreach
Award Amount: $14,000
Project Summary:
The Seay House interprets the lives of the Seay sisters, strong women who lived on and farmed the property in the late 1800s. The Seay House Community Outreach project will subsidize field trips for local schools, build and maintain a community garden, and preserve the historic Seay House. Requested funding will create innovative programming, allowing hands-on activities for students that will connect history to reading and mathematics as well as preserve a piece of Spartanburg history.

Organization: Upstate Family Resource Center
Project: Community Learning Labs
Award Amount: $23,750
Project Summary:
The Upstate Family Resource Center (UFRC) provides learning opportunities and technical assistance to families in the Boiling Springs and Chesnee communities. Requested funds will provide state of the art computers to GED and English as Second Language (ESOL) students, creative tools for art students and an additional Learning Lab at the Chesnee annex. Updated technology will enhance the learning experiences of not only clients of UFRC, but students of Spartanburg County Adult Education, families served by the Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation Chesnee Community Center and students enrolled with the Art Expressions Art Academy. The impact of this investment will be multiplied through these partnerships.


Organization: Divinity Care
Project: Operation Restoration
Award Amount: $20,200
Project Summary:
Divinity Care meets the needs of homeless men in Spartanburg County, helping to address reasons for homelessness and giving them skills to become self-sufficient. Many residents suffer from moderate to severe dental complications and poor eating habits which can cause declining physical and mental health. These conditions can be significant contributing factors to their homeless condition. The project seeks funding to provide an updated, safe and functional kitchen, a cook to provide nutritional meals and dental services to enhance the quality of health for residents.

Organization: Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg, Inc.
Project: Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg Mobile Dental Clinic: Critical Access to Care
Award Amount: $50,650
Project Summary:
Access to dental healthcare by low income, uninsured families is one of the most critical public health issues in Spartanburg County. One in five children screened in county schools needs immediate dental care or has conditions that will result in future dental problems. Without preventative and restorative care, these children suffer persistent dental pain, infections, problems eating, embarrassment and low academic achievement. Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg is collaborating with Spartanburg County School Districts One and Seven to pilot a free mobile dental clinic bringing oral healthcare to low income, uninsured children in medically underserved schools.


Organization: CommunityWorks Spartanburg
Project: Keys to Success Program
Award Amount: $25,000
Project Summary:
There is a growing need in Spartanburg for reliable transportation. Lack of transportation directly affects employment, housing, educational opportunities, and family stability. CommunityWorks will address the critical transportation needs for 56 low income families through the Keys to Success IDA Program, a matched savings program that aids families in the purchase of reliable transportation. Participants save money in an IDA account, increase financial knowledge through financial workshops, build credit through one on one credit counseling, and receive a 1.5:1 match to their savings for the down payment of a car. Families will increase their financial stability through broadened access to employment, education, and housing opportunities.

Organization: McCarthy Teszler School – Spartanburg School District 7
Project: McCarthy Life Program
Award Amount: $40,400
Project Summary:
The McCarthy Life Program will offer an educational, independent living environment that incorporates functional academics, independent living, and both social and leisure skills for students with disabilities. The goal of the program is to produce students for an independent future that could include living within a family unit, community housing or a postsecondary college environment. The independent living environment will consist of a studio apartment. Students will receive weekly instruction and engage in hands-on practical lessons within the studio apartment that will facilitate successful independence in areas including: nutrition, food preparation, clothing, housing, household chores, citizenship and community resources.