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Living A Legacy: Providing a Path for Others

Liberty and Greg Canzater : Providing a Path for Others
Liberty Canzater

Liberty Canzater

Greg and Liberty Canzater have always had a personal mission to help people.  When they learned that they could do so by setting up a fund at the Foundation with a planned gift, they felt that it was a win-win.  They established the Greg and Liberty Canzater Fund, which will be funded through a life insurance policy upon Liberty’s passing.  The Fund will benefit The Butterfly Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower, transform, and transition the lives of economically challenged individuals and families in order to help them become self-sufficient and self-confident citizens of Spartanburg County.

Whether I am here or not, I beleive in  the mission of The Butterfly Foundation and I want the people that are working there to be able to still provide the services that are critical to this community,” said Liberty.

Liberty Canzater Impact Photo

Marcella Bland graduated from the Culinary Job Training Program in April 2011

Marcella Bland, a single mother of four, is one such individual who has already been impacted by the Organization.  “Before I was accepted into the Culinary Job Training Program, I did not know what to do or which way I wanted my life to go,” said Marcella.  “I was going to school and trying to keep the kids on track, but I really had no direction.”

Marcella graduated from the Culinary Job Training Program in August 2011, and was immediately hired by Sodexo to provide meals to the students of Jesse S. Bobo Elementary.

This opportunity has impacted me in so many ways,” she said.  “I started off with nothing, but when I came out of the program, I had my wings.”