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Foundation Grants Land to City of Spartanburg Along Mary Black Rail Trail

The Spartanburg County Foundation Grants Land to City of Spartanburg Along Mary Black Rail Trail

In 1949, The Spartanburg County Foundation received title to a 2.3-acre tract of land on South Pine Street from what was then the Spartanburg County Children’s Home. The vacant tract, situated across the street from the entrance of Crystal Drive, is a crucial greenspace adjacent to the popular Mary Black Rail Trail. The space provides an important buffer between the trail and South Pine Street. Today, the parcel is valued at $100,000.

On August 18, 2016, The Spartanburg County Foundation granted the property to the City of Spartanburg in order to aid in the enhancement of the Rail Trail. While city officials report there are no immediate plans for the parcel, having it under city control is important.

“We are very grateful to The Spartanburg County Foundation, its executive team, and its board for this important contribution,” said City Manager Ed Memmott. “We have an incredible amount of momentum in Spartanburg today, and everywhere you look, The Spartanburg County Foundation is playing a crucial role in moving our community forward. This particular contribution will further strengthen the future of our City’s most popular recreational amenity, ensuring that thousands of our residents are able to live healthier, happier lives.”

The Rail Trail is the most-used recreational amenity in the City of Spartanburg, with approximately 70,000 annual users, and it is an important connector between several neighborhoods and businesses.

“The Spartanburg County Foundation is honored to play a part in the development of our community. We are proud to partner with the City of Spartanburg, and it is our hope that this grant will improve the lives of Spartanburg County residents by providing a versatile space that will help further develop the Mary Black Rail Trail,” said Troy Hanna, President and CEO of The Spartanburg County Foundation.