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AVAILABLE NOW – Annual Investment Performance Webinar May 2020

Since the Foundation team began working remotely, we have been eager to find ways to remain connected with our donors, fundholders, nonprofits, and community members. In an effort to remain transparent in our investment strategy and to keep our fundholders updated, The Spartanburg County Foundation recorded a Financial Investment Performance Webinar in conjunction with Prime Buchholz. This webinar will provide a comprehensive review of the investment portfolio that drives the Foundation.

Jeff Croteau with Prime Buchholz has more than 23 years of investment experience and has been working with The Spartanburg County Foundation’s finance team to closely monitor our investment portfolio. Jeff has taken the time to record an update for all of us on the status of the Foundation’s investments in the current market environment.

We look forward to sharing our investment update with you. Thank you for giving The Spartanburg County Foundation the opportunity to assist you in your philanthropic goals.

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