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Learning Through Laughter – The Best and Worst Attitudes in the Workplace – Presented by Akintunde

Deep down we all strive to become a source of positive inspiration in our professional endeavors; however, life can discourage those positive habits that we all wish to emulate.

In our January Nonprofit Connect Session, we discussed how we should strive to cultivate a positive and encouraging workplace! We talked about the importance of starting the new year with an upbeat attitude. Akintunde shared that our attitude is the single most determining factor to our success and work outcomes. Below are some examples of best and worst attitudes in the workplace, given to us by our featured session speaker, Akintunde.

Worst Attitudes in the Workplace –

  1. The “Whining” Attitude – This is a draining attitude because everything is always a problem. It pushes people away, but it’s also infectious. The “whining” attitude will spread quickly if you’re not careful. A negative attitude doesn’t just put others in a bad mood – it also has a tangible, measurable impact on how an office functions.
  2. The “Why” Attitude – With this bad attitude, there’s always a “why” for every situation. Sometimes it is just better to flow along with your team. If your organization experiences changes, don’t complain endlessly about what is happening and how it may impact you negatively. See change as a good thing that leads to growth and success for the organization and you personally.
  3. The “Just Enough” Attitude – This attitude says that I’m going to do “just enough” to get by. The “just enough” attitude transfers to work and home. It can be crippling to an organization because leadership may not even realize that the team is doing “just enough”.
  4. The “Pessimistic” Attitude – Pessimism is very infectious and can cause a good thing to turn into a negative thing. This person is always finding the negative. You can have the best circumstance or situation, but a pessimistic attitude will cause you to miss that. What do you contribute to the culture of your organization?

Best Attitudes in the Workplace –

  1. The “Helpful” Attitude – This attitude is shown by someone who is always willing to help team members. There is nothing worse than being on a team with someone who is purposefully competing with you. We all want to challenge each other or be on a team with someone who makes us better, but you never want to feel like you’re competing with someone who is on your team. You can’t win like that. It doesn’t mean that everyone should do the same thing, but there’s nothing like knowing your spot and playing your position.
  2. The “Encouraging” Attitude – Encouraging people don’t recognize how much value they add to the team! You never know what someone is coming to work and dealing with. Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? A thermometer tells you what the temperature is, but a thermostat does its best to regulate temperature and stay in sync with its environment.
  3. The “Get it Done” Attitude – This mindset is not only great for the organization, but it’s great for the individual. All of us have experienced that final exam or the weekend before you must turn in a project. At that point, it does not matter what has been done, or what you have left to do, you just have to get it done. Sometimes missing a deadline is not an option.
  4. The “Excited” Attitude – It’s so beneficial to the individual and the organization when someone is excited about their work. It’s all about the positive energy! Energy spreads and energy will connect, negative or positive.
  5. The “No Matter What” Attitude – No matter what, it’s important to get the job done with a positive attitude. We must prioritize not allowing our attitude to be infected by what’s going on in the world.

When there are positive attitudes in a workplace, there’s a feeling that anything can be accomplished! When colleagues support each other and work in tandem, a host of other positive outcomes materialize.

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