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Mary L. Thomas to become President & CEO of CFLeads

SPARTANBURG –The Spartanburg County Foundation announces that Mary L. Thomas, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director for the Robert Hett Chapman, III Center for Philanthropy, has accepted a new position as President & CEO of CFLeads, a national network of community foundations committed to advancing community leadership. Her last day at the Foundation will be Monday, April 17, 2023.

“I am excited to harness the momentum that CFLeads has to help community foundations develop the knowledge, skills and relationships needed to foster change and make a positive impact in their communities.  I am also looking forward to my continued work on a national level in advancing work in racial equity, amplifying community voice, and public policy,” said Mary L. Thomas. “This is a wonderful opportunity to expand upon the work I am passionate about and have been leading in Spartanburg County for the past two decades.”

Mary has served the Spartanburg County Foundation since 1998 and celebrated her 25-year milestone on March 2, 2023. She was recruited to the Foundation by John Dargan, who served as the SCF President and CEO from 1997 to 2014 and has worked with current President and CEO Troy M. Hanna to advance the Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of Spartanburg County residents by promoting philanthropy, encouraging community engagement, and responding to community needs. 

“We, at the Spartanburg County Foundation, could not be more pleased that Mary’s many accomplishments with the Foundation continue to be recognized on a national scale. I cannot think of a better candidate to be chosen as the new President and CEO of CFLeads. We are deeply grateful for her countless contributions to the Foundation and the Spartanburg community. Additionally, we are thrilled that the entire field of community foundations will now benefit from her passion and leadership,” says Troy M. Hanna, President, and CEO of the Spartanburg County Foundation.

The Spartanburg County Foundation has participated in many CFLeads convenings and initiatives. Mary’s new role will provide added opportunities to collaborate with such an esteemed organization.

“While we will miss her many contributions to our organization, we can only be happy that she has the opportunity to share her expertise on a national level,” said SCF Board Chair Bert D. Barre. “The Foundation will continue to serve the Spartanburg County community into the future as we have done for the past 80 years.”


CFLeads Press Announcement

The Spartanburg County Foundation is committed to improving the lives of Spartanburg County residents by promoting philanthropy, encouraging community engagement and responding to community needs. Established in 1943, The Spartanburg County Foundation is the oldest community foundation in South Carolina.