The Community Impact Fund is made up of a combination of many gifts, estates, and portions of estates. These unrestricted funds are available to the Board of Trustees for their discretionary grantmaking. By constantly monitoring local issues, following community indicators, and making numerous site visits, the Grants Review Committee is able to channel grants from the Community Impact Fund to areas where they can do the most good. The program staff facilitates this process and works closely with the grantee to ensure the projects are timely and on-target.



Community foundations are independent, public charities that steward philanthropic resources from institutional and individual donors to community-based organizations. Through visionary, diverse and inclusive philanthropy, community foundations have become catalysts for significant community change.

Created by the citizens of a local area, community foundations work in partnership with concerned citizens, nonprofits and governments to achieve community goals and maximize grantmaking effectiveness.

By offering a variety of charitable funds, community foundations enable people to easily and effectively support the issues they care about. Each fund is professionally managed, and endowed assets continue to grow over time. The Spartanburg County Foundation is the oldest community foundation in South Carolina.



For 80 years, individuals, families, and corporations have partnered with the Foundation to channel their philanthropy in meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful ways. First, we help you find the type of fund that best fits your charitable goals. Then, by handling your fund’s administration, we allow your generosity to have its maximum effect on the quality of life in Spartanburg County.

Our trusted staff works with philanthropists in a variety of ways, offering:

Personal Service

By developing a close working relationship with each donor, we are able to make the giving process easy and flexible. You also gain access to all of our resources, as well as our knowledge of the community and its challenges. Our team philosophy creates a powerful synergy, which maximizes the effect of every dollar. Should you have questions or other needs, we’re always just a phone call or email away.

Local Expertise

Due to the active community involvement of our board and staff members, we have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing needs and challenges of Spartanburg County. By making site visits, partnering with nonprofits and monitoring the pulse of the community, we’re able to make timely recommendations for giving, now and in the future.

Community Leadership

Governed by leaders with strong ties to the community, we go above and beyond the business of grantmaking. The Foundation serves as a catalyst to bring diverse groups together to collaborate, form partnerships, address issues, foster giving, and generate involvement. One critical part of these efforts is the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project, an initiative that tracks the changes and challenges of Spartanburg County while establishing clear goals along the way. Working in partnership with United Way, Spartanburg County, and USC Upstate, the Indicators help public, private, and nonprofit entities join together to address the most pressing needs of our community.

A Word from Ken Couch, RPH, president of the J M Smith Corporation

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