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The Spartanburg County Foundation works with professional advisors on a daily basis. By partnering with The Foundation, you’ll not only find a valuable information resource, but also an experienced support team of specialists to assist you as you help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

By partnering with The Spartanburg County Foundation, you can make it easier for your clients to give effectively while receiving significant tax benefits. Rather your client wishes to make an immediate impact, leave a lasting legacy, or deal with a complex tax situation, our professional staff can help you find the best solution.

Other advantages of working with SCF:

The Spartanburg
County Foundation
Private Foundation
Larger cash deductions allowed Because the Community Foundation is a public charity, you may deduct up to 50% of your adjusted gross income for gifts of cash You can deduct only 30% of your gross adjusted income
Fair market value may be deducted for appreciated gifts You may deduct 100% of the fair market value of publicly traded securities, closely held stock and real estate given to the Community Foundation with a maximum deduction of 30% of your adjusted gross income Allows you to deduct gifts of closely held stock and real estate only at your cost basis, with a maximum deduction of 20% of your adjusted gross income
No tax imposed on investment income The Community Foundation pays no Federal excise tax on its investment income Pays up to 2% Federal excise tax on the net investment income
No minimum distribution is required The Community Foundation has no minimum distribution requirement and may accumulate funds if so desired Must annually distribute at least 5% of its net investment assets, regardless of whether such an amount is actually earned
Fewer ownership restrictions apply The Community Foundation may hold any portion of equity interest in a business such as a closely held corporation Cannot own more than 20% equity interest in a business
Fewer reporting requirements The Community Foundation takes care of all reporting requirements for all of its funds Higher level of reporting to the IRS required
Donors can remain anonymous The Community Foundation allows you to retain your anonymity if you desire Must make publicly available the identity of any substantial contributor
Fewer investment restrictions apply The Community foundation has great flexibility with its investment strategies May not make certain types of investments
Tax status Public charity Private foundation
Legal identity Donor’s choice of name; separate non-profit entity affiliated with the Spartanburg County Foundation Separate non-profit entity
Control Own Board of Directors responsible for grantmaking; must be either operated by, supervised by, or controlled by The Spartanburg County Foundation Trustees have complete control of distribution and responsibility for asset management
Cost Administrative costs negotiated with The Spartanburg County Foundation depending upon the size and services provided Annual operating costs include excise tax, legal and accounting fees, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses
Grantmaking staff Staff can provide services to directors, grant applicants, and grantees Must deal with all administrative responsibilities of grantmaking