You can now use your donor-advised fund to make impact investments in the community!

Impact investing refers to investments made with the objective of generating social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.  Venture philanthropy is a form of impact investing using charitable giving and prioritizing impact over personal financial gains.  It’s a way to make philanthropy more of a renewable resource and expand the impact it can have on community economic development.  Read below to learn more, or watch the recording of the meeting held November 2, 2023 as an introduction to the new opportunity.  A Next Steps For Impact Investing meeting is planned for Wednesday, January 24th.  You may click here for more information and to register for the free event.
In partnership with Abundance Capital, the Spartanburg County Foundation is excited to offer venture philanthropy services to our fundholders, allowing you to use your charitable-giving capital to make loans and other types of investments in the community.   In doing so, you’re able to:
  • Open up capital access to under-represented entrepreneurs, projects, and ideas
  • Spark local economic mobility and inclusive economic prosperity
  • Help create sustainable solutions to health, climate, and education concerns

How it Works:

  1. SCF FUNDHOLDERS become ANGEL INVESTORS by creating a companion donor-advised fund at Abundance.
  2. ANGEL INVESTORS recommend using their Fund to make loans and equity investments in local businesses, real estate projects, and even nonprofits.   They then transfer funds (via grant) from their SCF Fund to their companion Angel Fund at Abundance to cover recommended investments and associated fees.
  3. ABUNDANCE reviews, executes, holds, monitors, and reports on the investments.
  4. COMPANIES / ORGANIZATIONS provide Abundance with annual impact updates as well as agreed-upon financial returns (as available), which are then distributed back into Angel Funds.  ANGELS may then reinvest, grant, or recommend transferring funds back into their SCF FUND.

Ways to Recommend Investments:

  1. Custom—bring your own ideas to Abundance.
  2. Collaborative—recommend investment in ongoing options made available, or on occasion, participate in opportunities that other Angels have recommended.
  3. Catalytic—participate in pooled funds advised by non-profit organizations or groups of donors, usually with a specific investment focus.
Abundance helps generate ideas for investments through its partnerships with angel investment intermediaries, foundations, community finance organizations, and other non-profits.  These ideas, along with educational programming and Angel networking opportunities are offered through the Abundance Capital Engagement (ACE) initiative.


Ready to get started?

If you already have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with the Spartanburg County Foundation and would like to get started with Venture Philanthropy through Abundance Capital, please contact Mike Gatchell by email
If you do not have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and would like get started with this new opportunity, please contact Karen Nichols, SCF Director of Philanthropic Services.  She can be reached by email or by calling 864-582-0138.