The Spartanburg County Foundation supports a wide variety of projects that clearly provide innovative responses to address the goals and priorities set forth by the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project, with a particular emphasis in the areas of education and social environment.

Each year, the Foundation sets an unrestricted grant budget to award funding to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and institutions that provide services to the residents of Spartanburg County.


Who is eligible to receive a grant?

The Foundation considers only those organizations and institutions that are recognized as 501(c)(3) nonprofit and tax exempt entities providing services to the residents of Spartanburg County. By meeting these criteria, certain institutions and organizations located outside of Spartanburg County may be eligible for funding; however, funding is restricted to benefit Spartanburg County only. Organizations that serve multiple counties must clearly show that the funds will remain in Spartanburg County.

The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals or for-profit companies/organizations.

What projects are most likely to receive a grant?

Organizations applying for a grant must be working to address the goals and priorities set forth by the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project. A particular emphasis will be given in the areas of education and social environment. For more information about the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project or to download the most recent reports, please visit

Priority consideration is given to projects that:

  • Clearly provide innovative responses to the goals identified by the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project but do not unnecessarily duplicate other efforts;
  • Are collaborative in nature, involving two or more organizations;
  • Enhance the internal stability and growth of a receiving organization;
  • Will likely attract support from matching fund arrangements; and
  • Have prepared a plan for continued funding from other sources.

Can individual schools apply for grants?

The Foundation does not generally award grants to individual schools unless the proposed project is district- or county-wide and is supported by the district superintendents. In order for a proposal to be considered, requests from public school systems must come directly from the superintendent’s office.

Does the Foundation award multi-year grants?

Except in unusual circumstances, multi-year grants are not considered. The Foundation will not normally make more than one grant within a 12-month period to the same organization. Organizations that receive a grant through one of the Foundation’s Responsive Grantmaking Cycles are not eligible to apply for a grant in any other Responsive Grantmaking Cycle within 12 months.

Does the Foundation make site visits?

The Foundation will initiate site visits if necessary.

How do I stay informed about the Foundation’s grant opportunities?

All of the Foundation’s grantmaking updates are posted on the Foundation’s website. Additionally, you may sign up to be added to our nonprofit mailing list so you can stay informed about future funding opportunities and the work being done by the Foundation. Please email Ashley Whitt, program specialist, at if you would like to be added to our nonprofit mailing list.

Additional Assistance

For questions regarding the grant cycle, please contact Jasmine Guest, program officer, at or (864) 582.0138.


Since 1943, The Spartanburg County Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life for all residents in the Spartanburg County community. Realizing early on that education was the basis for progress, the Foundation established its first scholarship program in 1946. Today, the Foundation facilitates scholarship funds, established through the powerful generosity of many donors, to support students in our community.

The Foundation manages more than 200 scholarship funds benefiting Spartanburg County students. If you are a high school or college student seeking more information about scholarship opportunities, please contact your school’s guidance office or financial aid representative.