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The Highest Standards For Giving – The Foundation Receives National Recognition

The Spartanburg County Foundation is pleased to announce that we have recently received accreditation with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations®. This accreditation indicates that we meet the highest standard for philanthropic excellence.

“The National Standards for US Community Foundations Accreditation Program ensures through 26 distinct standards of excellence that community foundations are providing the highest level of service and accountability to donors and to the community being served,”
said Troy Hanna, President and CEO.  “At The Spartanburg County Foundation, Trustees and staff value the rigor of this accreditation process that allows us to serve our donors and community with accountability, integrity, responsiveness, equity, and engagement.  Our primary goal through the accreditation process is to serve our donors and community with the highest levels of compliance and accountability with the community assets that have been entrusted to The Spartanburg County Foundation.”Being accredited through National Standards states that we meet the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. Our accreditation provides assurance that we have sound policies and practices in place. To receive accreditation with National Standards, The Spartanburg County Foundation submitted our policies and procedures to a rigorous review of community foundation operations, including donor services, investment management, grantmaking and administration. National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations® establishes legal, ethical, effective practices for community foundations everywhere. The National Standards are recognized by Congress, state legislators, and government regulators as the only accreditation program for community foundations. This layer of governance fosters trust among community foundations and their donors and positions community foundations as strong organizations to prospects, partners, and national foundations.“A standard is defined as something established by authority as a model or example,” said Mary Thomas, Chief Operating Officer. “At the Foundation, we have committed ourselves to being that model of community leadership, setting that example.  Being accredited by National Standards exemplifies our value of stewardship and dedication to excellence and accountability.”

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To read more about The National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations® program and its requirements, click here for the E-brochure.