The Mary L. Thomas Award for Civic Leadership & Community Change recognizes the contributions of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to improving the quality of life in Spartanburg County. The recipients of this award are those who develop innovative solutions to tackle critical community issues and seize opportunities to make a difference by offering compassionate leadership, commitment, and an ultimate goal of creating a better and brighter tomorrow.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2023 Mary L. Thomas Award for Civic Leadership and Community Change. This award annually honors individuals who, with perseverance and commitment, have worked to improve the quality of life in our community. The Foundation is seeking nominees who have successfully engaged all segments of the community to develop innovative solutions in tackling issues facing the people of Spartanburg County.

The recipient will receive an award at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting and will be honored with a $5,000 grant to be given to a charity selected by the recipient and the Foundation.

Nominations must be submitted by Monday, December 19th.

How To Make A Nomination

To make a nomination, you will create an account in our Goapply website to start the process.  Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below before clicking the “Submit Nomination” button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I clicked the link at the bottom, and it takes me to a plain page. Am I in the right place?

Yes. The website has Goapply in the top left corner. If you haven’t created a user account, click “Sign Up.” If you’ve already created an account, and are ready to complete the nomination, simply sign in with the password you created.

I signed in, but I’m confused about which option to choose. What’s the correct application?

We use this system for all The Spartanburg County Foundation’s grants and applications, so don’t be alarmed if you see more than nomination form. There is an Application Name called the “Mary L. Thomas Award for Civic Leadership and Change Nomination.” Click Apply (to the left of the Award Name) to begin your nomination.

I see the nomination form, but it’s listed under “Funding Opportunities.” Are you SURE I’m in the right place?

Yes, we’re sure. It’s a quirk of the system. Click apply and get started!

I’ve started the nomination but need to finish it later. Will I lose my work if I leave?

You will not lose your work IF you save everything. Save often and you can come back to it as many times as you need to.

When is the nomination due?

The application is due December 19, 2022. We encourage you to start on it early.

I’ve read the FAQ multiple times and still can’t access the system. What now?

Don’t worry; we’ll figure it out! Call or email Kim Atchley at 864-582-0138 or