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The Spartanburg County Foundation Announces the Spartanburg County Disaster Relief Fund

SPARTANBURG – Last week, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF1 tornado, with estimated winds of 110 miles per hour touched down in Spartanburg County, leaving thousands without power and many families with uninhabitable homes. Committed to responding to community needs, The Spartanburg County Foundation has established the Spartanburg County Disaster Relief Fund, focused on supporting the nonprofit organizations working first-hand with community members dealing with the aftermath of any range of disasters that may affect the residents of Spartanburg County.

“In light of the sudden devastation to our community last week, The Spartanburg County Foundation began exploring other responses to disasters in South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana,” said President and CEO of The Spartanburg County Foundation, Troy Hanna. “The Spartanburg County Disaster Relief Fund will be able to respond to any type of disaster that may occur and will be able to support the appropriate nonprofit network responding to a specific type of disaster.”

The fund offers grants to assist nonprofit organizations participating in recovery and reconstruction efforts following declared Spartanburg County disasters. The fund will also allow for individual and corporate donor contributions, as well as disaster relief funds coming into the Spartanburg community from governmental relief sources. Grants are to be provided only to charitable/nonprofit organizations. Individuals will not be eligible to apply.

“We hope the fund will not have to be accessed often, but when we experience a disaster in Spartanburg County, we wish to have immediate financial resources available from which to draw,” said Troy Hanna, President and CEO.

Donations can be made online through The Spartanburg County Foundation website. Checks can be mailed to The Spartanburg County Foundation office at 424 East Kennedy Street, Spartanburg S.C. 29302. Please designate your gift for the Spartanburg County Disaster Relief Fund. All gifts are tax-deductible.