Flex Convening

The County of Spartanburg Flexible Convening Space

Room 106

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity ranges from 12 – 54 depending on the setup of the room. See the FAQ’s for more details.

  • 16 – octagon with tables and chairs
  • 12 – U-shape with tables and chairs
  • 16 – classroom rows or square style with tables and chairs
  • 28 – boardroom style with three rows of tables/chairs
  • 54 – theater seating with chairs only

Includes podium, projector, screen, 2 TV monitors, Zoom software, HDMI sharing capability, microphone, blue-ray player.

Flexible Convening Space FAQs

Technical Specs
Arrival and Departure Checklist
Will we have use of a kitchen space when we reserve the room?
Does the Foundation offer catering, box lunches, snacks, or beverages for meetings held in the Flex Convening Space?