A Giving Circle

A giving circle brings a group of people with shared values together to collectively discuss and decide where to make a pooled gift. Giving circles support with their dollars, but also build awareness, and volunteer.

“Working together for Causes that Matter”

This is more than just the slogan of Women Giving for Spartanburg – it is a reflection of the deep conviction that connects us all.

In 2007, a group of visionary women formed a collaborative venture with the Spartanburg County Foundation with the goal of enhancing our community’s quality of life through the power of collective giving. Through the years, Women Giving for Spartanburg has provided Grant funding to 100+ organizations totaling more than $3 million. Together, we can do so much! 

Women Giving is forward funded, which means the dues collected by December 31st determine the pool of funds available for the spring awards cycle for the next calendar year.

Women Giving for Spartanburg maintains a website outside that of the Foundation. You can learn more about how to participate in this collective giving initiative by clicking here.

  • Annual Dues $1200
  • Junior Membership Annual Dues $600

What we do

  • WGFS committees meet throughout the year on specific tasks related to our collective giving and community service work.
  • Our Annual Meeting is held the first Monday of each May as a celebration of Grantees for the year.
  • Our Annual Grants Showcase is an opportunity for our members to learn more about nonprofits meeting the needs of Spartanburg County residents. Members vote on grant recipients.
  • A wide variety of socials and service opportunities are held each year to encourage building the bonds between our members.

Women Giving For Spartanburg FAQs

Is there an age minimum for WGFS members?
Do you have to live within the Spartanburg City limits to become a member?
Are you a political or religious organization?
Is there a minimum income level required for membership.
What is required of members?