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Each of us wants to impact the lives and communities around us. Whatever your philanthropic interests, The Spartanburg County Foundation is eager to partner with you to help ensure your donations impact the projects and initiatives you hold dear. Our staff will work with you to create a customized giving program. Through the Foundation, you may contribute a variety of assets by adding to an existing fund or creating a new fund to fulfill your charitable goals. By donating, you may be entitled to receive maximum tax advantages. You are both able to contribute during your lifetime or create a bequest in your will.


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Managing Your Fund

Fundholders can manage their funds conveniently online through FundWeb. Whether you would like to check your fund balance, request a grant, or submit grant expense, FundWeb provides 24-hour access.

Tax Information

Gift receipts for donations made to the Foundation or component funds are emailed to the donor. If we do not have an email on record for the donor, gift receipts will be mailed quarterly.

Donor Opportunities

Each year, we provide specific highlights of donor opportunities that include new community impact campaigns, support and recognition for our Annual Meeting, and ways that together, we can improve the lives of Spartanburg County residents.

Fundraising FAQs

Fundholders may choose to build their philanthropic resources by hosting fundraisers to build their funds. The Foundation provides fundholders fundraising FAQs and our policy to ensure that these activities comply with IRS regulations.

FAQs for Fundholders

Will my fund grow? How will funds be invested?
Can I transfer stocks to a fund?
Are fees related to opening a fund?
How can I find my fund balance?
How do I use FundWeb?
How to request a grant to a 501c3 nonprofit organization from my fund?
How do I request payment of an invoice (grant expense) from my fund?
Can I fundraise for my fund?