Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance

For more than 15 years, the Spartanburg Community Thanksgiving Service has provided an annual celebration for people of faith to gather together in gratitude and camaraderie. Following the 2013 service, a group of Foundation staff and clergy met to discuss how the faith community could come together more than just once a year. After researching various faith community networks, the group formed the Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance in 2014.

The Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance is a network of clergy, lay leaders, and faith communities that have joined together for the purpose of contributing to the common good. Formed as a partnership between area clergy and The Spartanburg County Foundation, the Alliance began hosting an annual program of events in 2016. These programs focus on different community issues and opportunities to connect and serve together.

The Alliance is led by three co-leaders, known as the Triumvirate. Meetings are open to all faith communities in Spartanburg County.


Is the Interfaith Alliance limited to specific faith groups or denominations?
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How does the Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance operate?
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