Open a Fund

The Foundation offers a variety of different funds that can meet any type of charitable interest. You can even establish your own fund to customize your donations and goals.


Make a Decision

Determine your charitable purpose or intent. Choose the type of fund that best supports your goals.


Make It Official

Name your fund & fill out all related documents. Designate current and successor fund advisors.


Make a Gift

Make an establishing gift. Receive tax deductions when the fund is established and additional contributions are made.


Make It Count

Determine how you want your gift invested.

Investment Options

Types of Funds

Designated Fund

Allows your client to support the good work of a specific nonprofit organization. Because it’s given through the Spartanburg County Foundation.

Donor Advised Fund

By opening a donor-advised fund, you and your client retain ongoing involvement in the use of their gift by identifying ways to use dollars from your fund to address the issues you care about most.

Field of Interest Fund

Your client can target gifts to benefit the cause most important to them: arts, health services, education, neighborhood revitalizations, youth welfare, and more.

Scholarship Fund

By opening a scholarship fund, your client can invest their gift in the community’s future, all with the guidance and personal services of your community foundation.

Supporting Organization

Provides an excellent alternative to a private foundation. Your client stays involved every step of the way while enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a public charity without all the work.

Agency Endowment Fund

A type of designated fund established by a 501c3 nonprofit organization at a community foundation for the nonprofit’s own benefit. Distributions from the Agency Fund are granted back to the nonprofit that established the fund.