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Since 1943, The Spartanburg County Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life for all residents in the Spartanburg County community. Realizing early on that education was the basis for progress, the Foundation established its first scholarship program in 1946. Today, the Foundation supports scholarship funds, established through the powerful generosity of many donors, to support students pursuing educational attainment beyond high school.

The Spartanburg County Foundation does not accept scholarship applications.

The Foundation manages more than 200 scholarship funds benefiting Spartanburg County students. If you are a high school or college student seeking more information about scholarship opportunities, please contact your school’s guidance office or financial aid representative.

Homeschool Students: Scholarship applications are filtered to us through high school guidance counselors. We recommend that you contact the high school you are zoned for and speak with the guidance department to request any information they publish about scholarship availability, application processes and deadlines.

Scholarship Award Notifications

Only a few scholarship recipients are selected through a review process managed at the Foundation. If you have applied for one of these scholarships, you may click on the button to view the latest information about those awards. For all other scholarships, student award letters are emailed to the recipients.

Thank you, Spartanburg County Anonymous Scholarship Committee, for believing in me! As a first generation college student, this money will be a tremendous help for me. I’ll remember your generosity through my years of college and after!

-Haley Mainville

Scholarship FAQs

Are any of the scholarships available for students living/attending school out-of-state?
Can the Spartanburg County Foundation tell me if I have received a scholarship?
Can my scholarship follow me if I change the college/university I attend?
What if my school’s financial aid office has not received my scholarship payment?
I would like to send a thank-you note to the sponsor(s) of my scholarship. How may I contact them?
Are scholarships awarded to individuals?
Will a check be sent to me directly if my scholarship award is more than I owe at my school?