Join our Founder’s Challenge to help us raise an additional $60,000 this year! 

A group of Founding Year Members has pledged an additional $10,000 as a challenge gift to help Women Giving increase our membership by 50 women.

WGFS will be gifted $200 for every new member we recruit by December 31, up to 50 new members – totaling $10,000!

If we succeed, their challenge gift, combined with the annual dues from 50 new members, could boost this year’s revenue for Women Giving by more than $60,000. This could increase next year’s Grant awards by up to a THIRD. This transformational challenge will continue to provide a significant annual boost as we create a greater impact through a larger membership.

So, how will we meet this challenge?

  • Renew your membership today: First and foremost, WE NEED YOU. Let us know that we can count on you for 2023 by renewing your membership today. This will help channel more of Women Giving’s resources toward expanding our reach and impact.
  • Invite new members: Second, we need EVERYONE to be part of our Membership Committee this year! Reach out to three Prospective Members this month and ask them to join. The Junior Member option for women under age 35 and the new Senior Society for ages 75+ make being part of Women Giving more accessible than ever at $600 per year.
  • Wonderful women move to Spartanburg every day. Let our Membership Committee know who’s in town but not yet on our roster. We will reach out! Send your recommendations to
  • Engage with us: Be sure you follow WGFS on Facebook and Instagram (@WomenGivingSpartanburg). Please like, comment, and share our posts to boost their reach and raise awareness about Women Giving!

Can we count on you to help WGFS earn this $10,000 challenge? We need EVERYONE to make it happen – let’s do this together!