Nonprofit Connect

Nonprofit Connect is a Spartanburg County Foundation initiative dedicated to providing learning and networking opportunities for nonprofit organization leaders serving Spartanburg County Residents. Nonprofit Connect is designed to convene local nonprofit staff and board members to discuss local and national trends, share organization updates, network, and address the difficult issues facing Spartanburg County’s nonprofit sector.

Monthly Meetings and Newsletter

Each month, a newsletter is sent to nonprofit leaders on the Foundation’s nonprofit mailing list. The next meeting topic, speaker, and registration information is shared, along with information about grants available (both SCF grants and others), and additional community opportunities.

Nonprofit Technical Assistance

The Spartanburg County Foundation (SCF) Community Leadership Team provides local nonprofits and community members Technical Assistance (TA), serving as a knowledge source, sharing our extensive history of impact, community partnerships, and successful launch of initiatives. These consultation sessions provide knowledge, brainstorming, and solution-building support for nonprofit organizations and community leaders.

Each technical assistance meeting is personalized to meet the needs of the organization and its current need using a vast store of
local, operational, community, and philanthropic industry knowledge. Community projects share commonalities that we can help you with such as brainstorming solutions to challenges, suggesting next steps based upon best practices, and providing connections to additional information and resources.

Nonprofit Connect FAQs

Do I have to be an Executive Director to join/attend meetings?
How much does it cost to attend?
How do I get involved in the Nonprofit Capacity Building Bootcamp?
Is there a fee for technical assistance sessions?

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