Grassroots Leadership 20th Anniversary Celebration

2024 Marks the 20th year for the Grassroots Leadership Institute (GLDI) an initiative of the Spartanburg County Foundation launched to equip participants with the knowledge, skill-set, and resources to be effective in leading change throughout Spartanburg County and beyond.  Developed as part of Strengthening Voices, leadership training intensive is designed to empower the community members to assume responsibility for positive social change and equip them with the resources to do make a difference.  

Nearly 500 community members have graduated from the Institute. More than 95% are still living, working, and making an impact in the Upstate. More than 20% are active in the Grassroots Leadership Alumni Association (GLAA). Members of GLAA are leading multiple celebration activities throughout 2024. 

Event registrations (where necessary) will be sent to GLAA members via email.

Grassroots Leadership Alumni Association

Grassroots Leadership Development Institute graduates are invited to become members of the Alumni Association. The purpose of the Grassroots Leadership Alumni Association (GLAA) is to continue to engage Institute graduates by creating opportunities for networking and collaboration, connecting alumni to leadership positions within the community, keeping them informed of pressing community needs, and providing continued leadership training.


4 leadership training sessions & networking events per year

membership fee

Annual fee for graduates is $25


500+ graduates have completed the program

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